Tuesday, January 29, 2008

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Since my birthday a few weeks ago, I've been growing out a beard. I thought it looked pretty cool, but it was driving my nose crazy, so I decided to shave it off on Sunday afternoon. I nearly didn't recognize myself - I looked like a 12-year old without it. Weird.

I would have posted this memorial of my beard yesterday, but somehow, it didn't feel right with the slew of tributes to Gordon B. Hinckley yesterday. Today, the beard can be remembered in its own right.

Two imponderables for the day:

1. For whatever reason, the heat was off in my classroom over the weekend. I came in this morning to find that the temperature was only 47 degrees. That's almost criminal. It's been on for over two hours now, and the temperature is still only 52 degrees.

2. Genuine. and I each got emails this morning informing us that we someone had purchased us something from our Amazon baby registry and that it was on our way.

Neither of us started a baby registry. We're just as surprised as you are.


bawb said...

We got the same e-mail.

And yes, I'm always stunned when I shave clean.

bawb said...

See also boldinteractive.com and thenest.com (nsfw).

dimmi said...

Ooooh. What did someone order you from your registry that doesn't exist?

L'Afro said...

It wasn't me, though I have vain ambitions of dressing your child in hobo regalia.