Tuesday, January 22, 2008

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Last November, some friends and I hosted the first Tournament of Champions. 64 names were submitted, including historical figures, contemporaries, and fictional characters. We created a bracket and had them square off in a series of deathmatches. We voted on who we thought was best equipped to win the fight and had them advance accordingly. We also posted a large version of the bracket on our front door.

It turned out to be far more popular than we could have dreamed.

People would walk by the front door shouting things like, "Yoda over Treebeard?! Are you kidding me?" Dozens of people asked if they could be judges for the next tournament. Dozens more offered suggestions for future participants in the tournament. In an effort to accommodate as many people as we could, we hosted the new tournament online, with a feature to allow for internet voting.

It turned out to be far more popular than we could have dreamed.

Registration is open to anyone who wants to take the time to sign up with the website. Just visit and create a username and you're set to go. Even though the internet vote only counts as one of nine total votes, it's already had a huge impact on the results. Your vote matters here. Do you think that Ungoliant from The Simarillion could defeat the Big Boo from the Mario series? What about Mr. Rogers against the Thing? Sign up and make a difference.

Last year's finals pitted The Tick against the Balrog of Moria. This year promises to be just as exciting. Come and be a part of history!


bawb said...


DiaNe said...

I'm glad it's taking off! Disney characters everywhere can say, "I was part of the beginning of something extraordinary".

lanada said...

i am so excited. you don't even know.

Austin said...

Oh, this'll be big. Real big. I feel it.