Friday, December 02, 2011

(untitled 337)

More crossword stuff, I know.

I picked up the newspaper on Wednesday intending to solve the crossword. A few moments in, I realized that they had printed the clues for the Wednesday puzzle, but the grid from the Tuesday puzzle.

Like this:

I decided I wasn't beaten yet, though, and tried to recreate the grid based on the clues. And I did it!

I've never felt more satisfied after finishing a puzzle than I did with this. I might try Mondays and Tuesdays like this from now on the for extra challenge.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

(untitled 336)

I solved a Wednesday NYT crossword puzzle this last week. It took me an hour and a half to solve, which is pretty sad for someone who has been solving as long as I have. I managed to solve that week's Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday puzzles COMBINED in less time than that.

Still, when you take a look at the puzzle, I think you'll see why it took me so long:

Monday, April 11, 2011

(untitled 335)

If I can keep making crosswords at this rate, I may just start a new blog for them.

Crossword 4.12

Click here for a printable version.

For those interested, here's the solution to the puzzle from April 5:

Saturday, April 09, 2011

(untitled 334)

New crossword!

Crossword, 4/10

If you're having trouble downloading it from Scribd (you should be able to get in with just a Facebook login), you can also click here to see an HTML version of it.

Enjoy! As always, hit me up with feedback or questions in the comments. I'm enjoying writing these, if nothing else.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

(untitled 333)

Yeah, I made this. You can print it out (it's a PDF), but I'll post all the clues below, too.

1 Sharp, as an img.
5 “Today, ____ all Americans”
10 French river
14 Folk singer Guthrie
15 Designer Wang and others
16 Bro and sis, maybe
17 Taunt
18 Put forth, as effort
19 Barely passing grades
20 Marriott Center phenomenon
22 Inkling
23 Boozer
24 Pole at Fenway
25 Active ingredient in special brownies
28 Dismissive comments
30 Wirers, perhaps
32 Resort island
34 “I’ll get the check”
40 English public school
41 Greek nymph
42 _____ nouveau
43 It’s skewered
45 Jeff Bridges classic
46 Obligatory crossword profanity
47 Awesome
48 Text
50 Like some roads
54 Mauna ___
56 Actor Morales
57 Conservationist’s plea
64 Heal
65 Chicago airport
66 Alkaline
67 Sans follower, in language?
68 Chooser
69 “____ boy!”
70 Fix, as a pet
71 Like some curves
72 Bluish-green

1 Pilgrimage
2 Zwei follower
3 Fund.
4 Shapes
5 Obsesses over
6 Adjacent (to)
7 “____ saw Elba…”
8 Reheat
9 This (Sp.)
10 Funny _____ (website)
11 You can use them to grow a 60-Down
12 Slick and shiny
13 It may have five paragraphs
21 Classified ad abbr.
24 Winter hrs. in Seattle
25 Piggies fond of roast beef?
26 “Hell ____ no fury…”
27 Golfer K.J.
29 Eye sores
30 Prevent
31 Guesstimaters
33 Negative prefixes
35 Weep
36 Snitch
37 Messes up
38 It’s really, really small
39 Not quite dozens
44 Sleepers may hit it
48 “How ____ do that?”
50 Glenn and others
51 Seize
52 Julie’s character in The Sound of Music
53 Religious devotion
55 Plate appearance
57 Symbol of peace
58 Sounds of discovery
59 Beleaguered D.C. baseball team
60 It grows from 11-Down
61 ____ Modern (British museum)
62 “¿Cómo ____?”
63 Madrid or Salt Lake preceder

Hit me up if you need clues or hints.

Monday, March 21, 2011

(untitled 332)

Every reason I love sports, distilled into one minute: