Tuesday, December 13, 2005

post the twenty-eighth

I was sitting in my Japanese final today when we (the class, not myself and my other personalities) heard an unearthly roar from outside. Someone was out in the hall and letting fly with the loudest vomit I've heard in some time. It sounded like he was sort of yelling at the same time, so it was clearly audible throughout the building. Our door was open, so we had no trouble hearing him. I checked the hall and the trash cans for signs of a struggle (as it were) after the test, but didn't find anything. I guess that means he was in the bathroom, which makes it that much more impressive that we could hear him so clearly through the closed doors.

It's a stressful season, dear readers. Be sure to study, but don't burn yourself out. Take care of yourselves.


JENNIFER said...

That, is truly impressive.

Poor kid.

I'll probably feel quite similar in about 3.5 hours. Predicate Logic, anyone?

the pope said...

that is sick. I'm disapointed you won't be vacationing with us. it just won't be the same.

fine print said...

I second the pope. On both points.

Does the pope require a person to second whatever he (or, well, in this case...) decides?

JB said...

Take care of yourselves.

And don't vomit. Best of luck with both of those!

Petra said...

So...I hear you have another funny story from this week to tell. Please do. I want my internet fame!