Thursday, December 29, 2005

post the thirty-fourth

We had a fun family bonding experience today. My younger brother had a stereo that he had mostly destroyed - the speakers didn't work, and he had taken off the top and sides so he could put in and take out CDs easier. It looked awful. He ended up getting a pretty cool new one for Christmas, so we were left with the problem of what to do with the old one. Most people would just throw it out or something, but not us.

We had a similar problem to this a few years ago. We got a new toaster for Christmas, and we needed to get rid of our old one. We were sitting around after having opened our presents, and my younger brother (the same one that woke everyone up this year) suggested smashing it on the street outside. All of the kids thought this was a tremendous idea, and my dad (typically) agreed with us. We looked expectantly at Mom, expecting her to shoot down the idea with reason. However, she looked as excited as anyone else and said, "I'll get my camera!" We now have a series of wonderful pictures of us kids throwing a toaster in the air and watching it smash on the street just outside our house.

Flash forward several years.

Now that we had the carcass of an old stereo on our hands, we knew the only sensible course of action. We took the stereo out into the street, took the requisite pictures (none of which I can get to upload, regrettably), and proceeded to hurl it as far as we could in the air. It made a pretty respectable explosion, too. The second attempt was even better than the first, although cleanup was a bit more time consuming.

I really wish I could get these pictures to upload. It only feels like half a story without the pictures. For now, just try to imagine them. It will give you a keen insight into my life and why I act the way I do to know that mine is a family that gets rid of old appliances by smashing them in the street when we're done with them.

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I noticed there still aren't any comments to this post, which I find unusual. I suppose words just can't describe what we're all thinking. :)