Tuesday, December 20, 2005

post the thirty-first

Here I am, back at home, dear readers. It's taken a bit more time to adjust to the new environment this time around than it has in the past. I wonder if that's just because I'm so much more different now than I have been before. I feel like I talk much more pretentiously than I used to. I feel like I purposely use big words so I'll sound smarter. Granted, I enjoy the way those sort of words sound. Still, it sounds like I'm trying to sound smart. My family just doesn't talk that way. I feel different.

We had another family over tonight for a family home evening together. It was a lot of fun - we played some games, ate some pizza, and I got to show off my feeble yo-yo skills for a couple of twelve-year-olds. It was a success for all involved. However, I felt like any time I tried to be funny (or, rather, witty), everything I said went over my brothers' and the aforementioned twelve-year-olds' heads. I quickly resigned myself to talking about computer games and farting. I fit in real quick, but I'm realizing really quick how much I miss being around people at my level. Being at college is a good thing.

Then again, maybe being away from all of that is good for me. Maybe this is what I need to get me off of my precious high horse and remind myself that I'm not, after all, the center of this or any other universe. And then again, maybe it's just too late, and nothing I'm thinking is really that important. Late night thoughts tend to be the ones that you're better off ignoring. So it goes.

Hopefully you're all feeling good now that you're at home, unless you were already at home, in which case I hope you're enjoying yourself just the same, unless you never actually made it home, in which case I hope things are turning out for you wherever you are.

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