Saturday, October 22, 2005

post the thirteenth

I don't own a cell phone.

I don't own an iPod.

I don't wear clothes with designer logos displayed prominently on them.

I don't own my own car; the car I share with my sister is a '93 Honda Accord.

I'm not majoring in a "cool" field, but rather becoming a teacher.

I don't use any sort of instant messaging service.

I'm lucky if I get one or two emails a week.

I'm lucky if I go on one or two dates a semester.

I have little to no sense of color coordination with my clothing.

And yet, despite all of this, I'm still cool; or, at least, other people don't mind being around me. I rather enjoy being the anti-cool.

- Optimistic.


Anonymous said...

Yay that somebody is different!

Cell phones are overrated. I often turn mine off so nobody will call me. It's more of a safety thing for me to own one I think.

I hate clothes with labels and logos plastered on them. It looks tacky to me. Like everything from American Eagle has that name on the front of it.

It's okay...I've only been on four dates since coming out to BYU in June.

See you tonight at the Blue Beta thing.

The Lolita said...

I own a cell phone, but I don't like talking on it.

I don't want to own an iPod.

The only clothing I wear with words at all are usually from online, geeky sources like megagear or thinkgeek.

I prefer walking to driving.

I've recently discovered that people who would usually disdain to even look at me think I'm cool when they find out my major (film).

I use DMSN and Gaim, but no one ever talks to me.

I'm signed up to a bunch of mailing lists just so that I will get email.

I'm lucky if I go on one or two dates a year.

I'm obsessed with color coordination.

People always tell me I'm cool but they never do anything to prove that they're my friend. What good is being cool if you don't have any friends?

Coolness is relative, like everything else.

Claire said...

"Coolness" is definitely determined by who you are, not what you have or do. Obviously, you are a quality person who others like, despite what you do or don't have or what you do or don't do.

Keep it up, Optimistic

tirade25 said...

I have a cell phone. But it's my only phone - justifiable right? It plays the theme song from Law and Order - because hey, if you have to have one - at least make it bizarre.
My clothes suck. I wear the same black turtleneck at least three times a week.
Got a truck - guzzles gas.
Ditto on the teacher gig - which actually IS cool. You'll see.

I am actually not at all cool, sadly. Except maybe in a temperature sense.