Monday, March 24, 2008

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To make up for the loss of Old Wallety, fate has rewarded me by allowing me to make a killing on our tax returns. I've always ended up with a refund, but this year we really did well for ourselves. Man, being married is awesome. If you aren't sure about it yourself, I strongly urge you to consider it for tax reasons. It's hard to beat a $17,500 deduction if you're a student. Good luck making that much money in two years.

And now, for no particular reason, a picture of a pile of money:


Flops said...

Hey, the new fives are out apparently. I haven't seen one yet. I like colored money.

Brian, Audrey, and Greta said...

With our first tax return as a married couple we bought our video camera- it was well worth it. Last year we had to pay! I couldn't believe it. But this year since we have no money we're getting like $800 back! Hot dog!