Monday, March 10, 2008

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At work today, I was notified of a sad incident in which three LDS missionaries are being prosecuted on vandalism charges after photos surfaced online picturing them defacing a Catholic church. Apparently the missionaries were seen pretending to preach from an altar and holding up a statue with its head broken off. The full story can be seen here.

Obvious remarks about taking your calling seriously aside, this brings up the two most important rules of crime:
  1. If you're really going to insist on committing a crime, don't document yourself doing it. This includes photos, videos, memos, and so on. (Applicable to something as small as vandalism to something as large as Watergate.)
  2. If you decide to ignore Rule 1, don't post the information publicly. Especially not on the Internet.
I'm not sure whether to be happy or sad that we live in a world with so many stupid criminals in it. On the one hand, I'd be happy for them if they were at least intelligent enough to get away with something as simple as this, but then again, I'm not so sure I'd like to have more intelligent criminals running around.


Emily said...

What a bunch of idiots.

Like, here's the thing:

You know those vynil stickers that people put on their cars? Jess and I used to have a cTr one on the back of our Maxima. And this guy I dated said he wanted one on his car, but his parents wouldn't let him. They didn't want his driving to reflect poorly on the church. And he was fine with that, because they were right.

Like, if you're going to go out do dumb stuff, you're stupid. But going out and doing dumb stuff when you're supposed to be representing Christ is more than just stupid, it's sacrilege.

I hope the church disciplines them thoroughly, and that the law does too. I'm absolutely disgusted.

the pope said...

I really like the Church's response to the incident though. It is sad that such a senseless act will break down so many bridges that have been built by reverent hard working missionaries.

the pope said...

haha. I realize the irony of my posting a comment on an article including the Catholic Church. I'm not meant to be disrespectful though.