Sunday, March 23, 2008

(untitled 236)

Lost my wallet today, probably at Kiwanis Park. If you found it, I'd appreciate it if you'd return it. It's camouflage colored with a little red Quiksilver logo on it. It has $60 in it, but you can keep that if you want it. Really, I'd like my debit card and my driver's license.

Oh, and my health insurance cards. Heaven forbid I get in a debilitating accident the moment I lose my health insurance cards.


Austin said...

I don't know how I've managed to never lose my wallet, but I can only imagine it would be annoying at best, devastating at worst. Hope it shows up (with the money inside).

H2 said...

well i can safely say it's not here. if it magically appears in portland i'll be quick to get that back to you.

Marcene said...

I would say it had thousands of dollars in it, that way readers would feel compelled to look for it. Here's to your good health though!