Tuesday, November 01, 2005

post the sixteenth

Sooner or later, I'm going to get sick of numbering my posts and will have to come up with some alternate means of titling them. I plan on solving this problem by ignoring it for the time being and hoping that it never comes up in the future. This is, of course, how I solve all of my problems.

I dunno, life is good. I went up to campus to meet a friend yesterday, and even thouh she wasn't there, I ended up seeing six or seven people that I normally wouldn't have seen while looking for her. That was pretty cool.

I came home and there were four Lemony Snicket books waiting for me, bringing my grand total up to ten, not including the copy that has yet to return to me.

I got to eat chili.

Life is good, I think. I suppose bad things happen every once in a while, but there seems to be more than enough good things to balance them out.

Wow, that wasn't at all what I'd intended on writing when I started this. It turned out far more cheerful and hopeful than I thought it would. Maybe I should attach a picture of a happy smiling sun or something.


Kris Trevyn said...

Most excellent. Nice picture :)

Ignoring problems works. Especially ones like what to title your posts. Bigger ones, like flat tires...well, ignoring those ones doesn't work so much.

Handy or Not said...

Finally, a blog that I think I could handle reading in a semi-regular basis. I've had much too much enforced free time lately and have been cruising blogs, but this is the first that I've found that "speaks" to me. Hang in there. Life may be a blur sometimes, but the things that stand our are the ones that make it worth living.

JB said...

Great post. Great picture. :)

Glad I found your blog! ;)

Anonymous said...

I find you intriguing

Intrigued said...

I find you anonymous

...ok, sorry. I made the other posts before I saw this, and then I just had to do it! I should probably be flogged.

Iris said...

I love those days when you just keep running into friends on campus. They always seem brighter and happier. Yay for knowing people!