Wednesday, April 09, 2008

(untitled 240)

Other Apple IIe games that I've found today:


What is lava? I finished this game with $78600.

Wheel of Fortune

Man, this was a tough one. Buying the vowel "A" helped a lot. It turned out to be "Sarajevo."

Odell Lake

Here comes a rainbow trout - what should I do?

Man, Mackinaw trout are bad news. Good thing I got away.

These games are all from the 80s, so I tried to keep in the spirit of things by acting like a five year-old. Any time I was prompted for a name, I entered "BUTTWAD."

Heh. Buttwad.


Brian, Audrey, and Greta said...

Where are you finding these games? When I was a kid we had a Commodore 64 computer and we had Wheel of Fortune, Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?, Potty Pigeon...

bawb said...

Odell Lake was awesome! That's so cool.

H2 said...

where in the world is carmen sandiego?! ( me singing the theme song) i always had the urge to just yell " she's in freakin' sandiego people ! it even says it in her name!"

the pope said...

did you get these off the internet? can you play them online?

Marcene said...

looks like susan in jeopardy is digging your purple tux buttwad

Flops said...

I see that in Odell lake you are a whitefish. Right....WHITEfish! Racist!

Austin said...

I remember playing Jeopardy when I was a kid, and getting to final Jeopardy, and the answer was, "The Reverend Jesse Jackson" and I got it, even though I was really too young to know who the heck the Reverend Jesse Jackson was. Thanks for the reminder of happier, simpler times.