Tuesday, April 08, 2008

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In the same vein as my previous post on the wonders of Sara Lee bread (I'm never going back to the way we used to be), I have another life-altering report to make: I found a download for the Oregon Trail computer game we all used to play in elementary school.


If you've never played the game, it probably won't be that big a deal to you, but for those of you who, like myself, grew up on the game, this is a fantastic chance to go back and relive the past. Who could forget sweating over the decision of how many oxen to buy in Independence? Who could forget hunting and shooting 3 buffalo, but finding you could only carry 100 pounds of the 2157 you shot back to your wagon? Who could forget trying to ford the Big Blue River and drowning three members of your party and losing two wagon axles?

And who could forget classic scenes like this one?

Seriously. I'll never want for something to do at work again.


LJ said...

You...you are the source of all goodness in the world. Writing the epitaphs was always my job when my friends and I played at school. And we would try to fit the word "poo" in there as much as possible.

Emily said...

Hm. :)

I remember all of those things.

And what about like, people dying of cholera and dysentery and stuff? And deciding whether you should be a banker or a doctor. And if the weather was too cold having trouble hunting.

Huh. I wonder what my little brothers would think of Oregon Trail. They like...animate stuff and publish books in their elementary school computer labS.

H2 said...

my generation knows not of such things. we grew up on bananas in pajamas and secret agent sam.

Uffish Thought said...

If only could could find a working version of Odell Lake. I've tried in vein to locate one of those. Remember Odell Lake? Where you were this little fish and you had to decide when you saw something whether to eat it, or leave it be, or run away, or--I can't remember. I think there were four choices. It was cool, though. Or so we thought, back then, as we stuck the 5" floppy drive in the computer.

(Oh, and you can find Civilization 2, and really eat your free time with that. Man.)


Curious Physics Minor said...


I have Civilization 2. Wow, I haven't played that game in forever, though not quite as long as it's been since Oregon Trail. Old school, absolutely old school.

Ben said...

This is why the buffalo are nigh-extinct.

Olympus said...

And I will download this game and further extinct them myself.

Marcene said...

Your post has changed my life. Who says you can never go back?...well besides that chick dog in All Dogs go to Heaven"
I'm going to download myself a version TODAY!...Okay I'm going to make Allen do it for me.

ambrosia ananas said...

Oregon Trail was the best thing about elementary school.

Lisa B. said...

When I was in elementary school, we programmed our own video games, but we had to use rocks, sticks and rubber bands to do so. That's why my character is so much deeper than yours, in case you're wondering.