Wednesday, March 01, 2006

post the fifty-fifth

Welcome to Lent. I haven't ever celebrated (celebrated? observed?) Lent in the past - I'm not Catholic and haven't felt that I really had any pressing sins or shortcomings that I needed to give up. This year will be different; I finally have something to give up. I was discussing the matter with Petra (who will be giving up Internet addictions this year) and she guided me toward something useful to give up.


I will refrain from using commas (or even relative clauses) for the next forty days. It hasn't even been a full day yet and I'm already going out of my mind. I never realized how much I used commas before. Try it - you'll be surprised. You'd also be surprised at how many ways there are to get around it. I've never used so many semicolons and dashes in my life.

It's going to be a long forty days. A really long forty days. I may perish from the insanity of it all.


Anonymous said...

Now THAT is an original thing to give up. How impressive that will be if you do it the entire forty days - and I'm sure you will. Check it out: I didn't use any commas either! :)

Tolkien Boy said...

Does this include the verbal comma?

Muse said...

I am deeply impressed. I could never could achieve such a feat: I only gave up chocolate for lent.

Uffish Thought said...

Will you give up drunkards and SuperRamen for lent, too? Because that would be terrible.

the pope said...

so will petra be giving up the board and blogging? Because I find those to be addicting.
Hmmmm, I didn't give anything up for lent. Maybe I'll give up riotous living. wow. That was easy.