Saturday, March 25, 2006

post the sixtieth

11:30 on a Saturday morning. I've showered but not yet shaved. I haven't really eaten breakfast yet; I'm sitting here in front of my computer munching on a bowl of grapes. I have a fair amount of homework to do--enough that I need to buckle down and do it here soon but not quite enough that it's panicking me just yet. I'm still in that state where I can put the things off that I need to do today and it won't hurt me quite yet. I'm feeling really relaxed - for the first time in days. It's very nice. I'm finally over the cold (for the most part) that has been pestering me all week.

Life is good. It's taken a weird week to teach me that. All I could ask for now is for my back to stop aching quite so much. (I suppose there are some other things that I could do with. Perhaps my commas again.)

Sorry for the lack of creative posts of late. I generally post on the strange and humorous events in my life; nothing of especial interest has happened to me lately. I'll be sure to let you know should something exciting happen to me.


Tolkien Boy said...

So, did it? The exciting things, I mean.

Anonymous said...

I just found this book and I'm so happy. I had been collecting them by hand.