Sunday, February 26, 2006

post the fifty-fourth

I was at my aunt's today with Petra (who, blessedly, had the social sense not to pick a fight with my uncle, which would have been really easy), when the subject of education classes came up.

Before I continue, I'm going to refer those of you who aren't regular readers of my blog to peruse some of my older posts for my thoughts and feelings on education classes. If you're not going to bother going back and reading my earlier posts (you lazy sack of chum), you can be content with knowing that I disapprove of them. Strongly.

Anyhow, my aunt is also a teacher. She asked me how school was going, and I mentioned that there's this one class that I'm really disliking. She realized it was an education class and immediately sympathized with me. She remembered her own days of studying educational theory and described them as "asinine." Few things could have made me happier than hearing that word used to describe the bane of my existence. My sister was there as well and seemed confused as to why we should hate education classes so much. She's an English teaching major, but she's only taken one class so far, and that's been a class in which she only observes other teachers in their classrooms (and thus is extremely useful). Next week, though, she starts another non-observation based class, which I think she's really going to hate. The poor thing.

The moral of the story is that I was really happy that someone else - especially someone with direct experience in teaching - agreed with me that education classes are, in fact, a ridiculous waste of my time. I'm still planning on going into the field, mind you, but I still think it's ridiculous that I should be subjected to these classes that are completely asinine.

I may rant more on these later. We'll see.


Petra said...

But not, apparently, the social sense not to pick a fight with your sister. Sorry.

Petra said...

My word verification on that last post, by the way, was "numnnutz." Ponder that in your heart, why don't you.

Anonymous said...

It's the hotdog class that shuffles my muffins.

jambarama said...

I can't sympathize, I chose my major based on how good the professors were & how interesting the classes were. Thus I have not been unhappy with the content of a class since I did my GEs as a freshman.

Some of my favorite teachers are Bruce Jorgenson, Codell Carter, Val Lambson, Thayer Siebach, Hyer, McIntyre, & Kearl. If you get a chance to take a class from any of them, do so. It may make you feel better about the lousy classes you have to take.