Wednesday, April 03, 2013

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Tamsen and I headed to Seattle for a couple of days last week for Spring Break. We visited some friends, but mostly so we could justify a five-hour trip to a sports bar we really enjoyed on our honeymoon. (Verdict: The burgers weren't as good as we remembered, but the fries were better, so it evened out.) The highlight of our trip, as far as video documentation goes, however, was our trip to the Seattle Aquarium. (The videos are fun, but you may enjoy them more without audio, as it's just a bunch of people in the background making "boy, they look delicious" jokes.)

These fish are stripey, and therefore cool.

Jellyfish are bizarre enough normally, but they added colored lights to make it feel even more psychedelic.

These are baby cuttlefish. The fluttering of their fins reminded me of a cross between an octopus and a hummingbird. Weird, but fascinating.

Wait for it. This is a weird yellow fish.

Just some fish chillin'. Fish are friends.

This is a big fish. His friend is a little fish.

Otters! Everyone loves otters.

This fish was missing an eye. It was easily the most popular fish in the aquarium. People were falling over themselves to take pictures of this guy.

Summary: Guys, fish are neat.


SkyBluePink said...

The weird yellow fish is a cowfish and they are my FAVORITE. I even pet one once. It was magic.

Lisa B. said...

also, aquariums are awesome. nice work here!

Rachel Helps said...

I <3 cuttlefish