Thursday, April 25, 2013

#353, in which lyrics have been added

While preparing breakfast this morning, I started singing about my oatmeal to the tune of the song I use as my alarm every morning. The song is in the YouTube video below; feel free to listen to it and sing along. (RSS readers may not be able to view the video; consider this an invitation to come to the blog itself.)


I love oatmeal
Tasty oatmeal
I love oatmeal
It's the best meal

I like my oatmeal
It's the best oatmeal
Better than boatmeal
It's oatmeal

I'll eat these oats
Wearing coats
On some boats
With some goats
Or some stoats
Maybe Croats
Not a rhyme
Oh well


I do this all the time in the morning, generally to my alarm song. It used to be a song from Mario Kart, which produced similarly hilarious effects. Try it sometime! Or not, whatever.

1 comment:

Rachel Helps said...

I think I said my favorite food was oatmeal in that game