Saturday, April 13, 2013

#351, in which alphabet soup is consumed

The root canal is finished, but now I'm just left with a big hole in the tooth until it's filled on Wednesday. This means I'm only supposed to eat soft foods until my follow-up appointment. So it was that while I was waiting for my antibiotics prescription to be filled, I looked around to try to find some soft foods.

And I found this:

"So what," you may be asking yourself. "Alphabet soup, whatever. We've all been there." Not so! To my memory, I've never actually eaten alphabet soup before. (Alpha-Bits, yes.) So I bought a can of chicken alphabet soup so I could both eat something soft and become, as the label boasts, a Healthy Kids.

I didn't even have to wait to open the can to start having fun. Take a look at the back!

Riddles! The answer is "teapot," for those of you unable to solve riddles or read answers craftily written upside down. (I'm not really sure why the riddle is written on this guy's nose, either, or who he is. But we're having fun here, so I guess there's no reason to pick at nits.)

Of course, the whole draw of alphabet soup is being able to spell things out "Hi Dad" soup-style. (If you haven't seen A Goofy Movie before, I'll go ahead and give you a chance to remedy that before you finish this post. Not that you'll need to have seen it in order to understand the rest of the post, but just because I feel like we all should have seen it and appreciated the majesty that is Power Line by now.) So I heated up the soup, poured it into my bowl, and took a look. What could I spell?

RNTLB! TBAEG! Man, alphabet soup is fun. And delicious.

(Thus concludes my tooth-related adventures. Hopefully. I miss solid foods.)

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Jen said...

I may need to go watch that now. It's been waaaaay too long since I giggled over the leaning tower of cheese-a.