Wednesday, March 11, 2009

(untitled 301)

Apologies for yet another video, but I think this one bears sharing. This guy went through hundreds of YouTube videos, found samples of music that matched up with each other, and turned them into, essentially, his own song. He's distributing it to anyone who wants it, free of charge.

It's absolutely incredible. Even if you aren't the sort to watch videos other people share (heaven knows I'm not), take just a few seconds to listen to this one. It's absolutely staggering.

You can find more of these at


Lisa B. said...

Okay, you totally nailed me--not the sort of person to watch videos other people share ("they take so long to loooooooooooooad"). And this is, as you testify, staggering. Completely awesome.

Emily said...

Oh, that's neat.

Elliott said...

Staggeringly awesome indeed.