Wednesday, February 22, 2006

post the fifty-third

I seem to be remarkably gifted at making a poor first impression. I'm not entirely certain why that is, though. I used to be very charming when I first met people, and now I'm not anymore. It might have something to do with my personality. I'm quite a sarcastic person by nature, so sometimes I manage to rub people the wrong way at first. Once I realize that I'm doing that, though, I try to make up for it and end up overcompensating.

It's certainly not like I do it on purpose, though. Who would go out of their way to be awkward? (answer: certainly not me) Once you get to know me and understand all of my quirks and idiosyncracies, I can actually be very charming. There's just something about that intial encounter that weirds people out. It's a wonder I manage to make any sort of friendships last at all.

I further wonder if other people feel like this, or if it's just weird and quirky me. I promise this isn't a rant about my lack of self-esteem (there's plenty, don't worry), but just something I've been wondering about lately.


bawb said...

I liked you at first. You were quiet and serious, though.

BlueAdagio said...

I can't remember ever not liking you. Hmm...hard to recall my first impression but I believe it was quite favorable. You made me laugh.

I've enjoyed reading your blog these last couple days/weeks...though I've never posted a comment before so you may not know that I've been doing so. But all the same, it's been great fun. Thanks.

And back to your wonder if others feel that way. Well, I can say I assuredly have on many occasions. Though I don’t tend to offend with my sarcasm but rather with my silence. I’ve been told quite often that on first impression I appear snobbish or aloof which I feel (and hope) is quite the opposite of my character. I just can’t help it…I would most often rather listen and people watch than involve myself in the conversation. First impressions are funny things…so often misleading but ever so relied upon.

lanada said...

having never met you, i can't say whether you give a good or bad first impression. i'll let you know after the impending music swap takes place. (huzzah!)

once a guy i'd just met told me i'm intimidating because i am (as he put it) "freakishly tall." like that's my fault.

Squirrel Boy said...

Boy howdy, do I feel like that. I just don't warm up to people quickly, I think. I just sort of hang back and watch them for a few months before I feel comfortable with them, so I'm sure that many people think I'm just aloof and distant.

But you strike me as a cool guy, Optimistic. You remind me a lot of one of my roommates, who was also a very cool guy who had tons of cool books and who was the biggest Scrabble enthusiast I've ever met. So rest assured that my first impression of you was a good one.

Thirdmango said...

I HATE first impressions. I always give off bad first impressions, it's a curse. Many people have told me I'm much different then their first impression. I think my first impression was, hey there's that guy in that directory his last name is like *Mumble Grumble Mumble Mumble*. Then I got to know you like four months later. I think we'd all be much better if we'd make judgements only after the sixth or seventh time with the person. So many people that could have really awesome friendships are spoiled by the first impressions.

Anonymous said...

The hotdogs will do that to you.

Redoubt said...

>>Who would go out of their way to be awkward?

I would/do.