Tuesday, January 10, 2006

post the thirty-seventh

I've been back in classes for two days now, and I already feel entirely unmotivated and exhausted. Boy, this semester is shaping up to be an awesome one.

That confuses me a little, because I'm in so many interesting classes. I'm down to take a class on the history of Soviet Russia, a class that I've wanted to take since I was a freshman. It finally fit in my schedule, and I've been looking forward to it for a while. I'm also in a class on the history of pop culture in America, which has been immensely interesting.

Maybe it's just that I've been so tired lately. I haven't had a decent night's sleep since I've been home, and it certainly hasn't been from staying up too late, as was the problem last semester. Rather, I've been going to bed plenty early and laying awake in bed for ages, wondering when my mind is going to calm down so I can get to sleep. Thinking has long been a problem in my life. Perhaps I should have made a resolution this year to do less of it. That might set me right.

In somewhat unrelated news, I have the pictures from my earlier stereo-smashing escapade. I shall post them for you now.

This is my youngest brother holding the stereo. The amazing thing is that the stereo properly functioned in this state. He could listen to CDs and everything. Granted, the speakers didn't work, so he just used his headphones and turned them up all the way. I no longer wonder how he manages to go through several pairs of headphones a year. They probably all just get blown out.

You may notice me standing next to him, sporting some extremely stylish white tennis shoes.

At this point, we are go for launch. You can plainly see how excited he is about the impending doom of this this stereo. It's been a while in the making.

Pictured here is the moment of impact with the street. We even had several cameras involved so that we could ensure the preservation of this moment on film. The effect created with the bit of plastic flying out at you in the foreground is rather impressive, if I do say so myself.

Here we have the aftermath of the collision with the street. I thought for certain that the stereo wouldn't survive the episode intact (or, at least, in one piece), but its resilience surprised us. Such insolence could not go unpunished. As you might imagine, we simply had to go for a second round.

Here's what was left of the stereo after Round 2. Though it may be a bit difficult to tell, the stereo is definitely no longer in one piece. These pieces were ceremoniously gathered and buried in the garbage can. Thus ended another wonderful Christmas at the Optimistic household.

So merry start of the year, dear readers. Hope things go well for you all.


Petra said...

Hot shoes, Misty. And hot pants, too.

the pope said...

I heard it was your birthday on Friday. Congrats. So are you having a little shindig or something? I haven't seen you guys forever and feel like I am going through withdrawal.