Sunday, January 29, 2006

post the forty-sixth


Oh, wait...hang on...okay. Never mind. Everything's under control.

I think. I'm pretty sure, at least. We'll see.

Sorry, I've just always wanted to write an irritating post like this where I'm the only one who'll really understand what I'm talking about.

Addendum: Don't worry, all. Everything really is under control. All is well.


Lavish said...

And me. I understood it too.

Petra said...

And me! At least, I think I do...

lanada said...

i don't. consider your post sufficiently irritating. jerkface.

glad all is well, though.

bawb said...

'Bout time, I say.

Why thank you, Blogger. "qikqqips" does describe my comment.

la bamba said...

*I* got it...but by now everyone else does too, yes?