Thursday, February 26, 2009

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I've been working as a substitute teacher when I've had the chance lately (it's an unpleasant job, but we need the money), and I've noticed something that the rest of you probably already know - people today are giving their kids some weird, freaky names.

That's probably what people said about the rising generation twenty, forty, and sixty years ago, but I'm going to stand by my accusation. I'll list eight of the strangest names, and see if you can determine the gender of any of them. (Yes, I purposely chose the most gender-neutral of the batch, but that doesn't excuse the rest of them.)


Maybe it's just me, and you can make immediate sense of these names, but I found them all strange. Someday, I could have a president named "Tasmmy." Worse yet, that candidate could be opposed by one named "Kyrston." Yikes, America. Just yikes.


DiaNe said...

Cayman M
Crayton M
Deni F
Kyrston F
Macay F
Tasmmy F
Tayson M
Tylan M

Maybe? Mine aren't as obtuse. Aslyn, Tannon, Khyrstyne, and Jory. Welcome to Utah.

Audrey said...

Was "Kyrston" pronounced like "Kirsten"?

Marcene said...

My old roommate named her little boy Tayson. How do you even pronounce Tasmmy?

Austin said...

Amen. I'm going to stick with good ol' Victorian or Biblical names for my kids. Hope the (future) wife is willing. I will not, will NOT, make up a name for my offspring.

Laurie said...

I have to agree with Diane's guesses. Also, there is a Talyn in my primary. He is one vowel (?) from being a bird's claw.

Like my sis-in-law Ami who grew up with a Bracken. Meaning his yuppie parents named him after pond scum.

Ben said...

My word verification is Wransi, which looks like it fits in with the rest of them.

lanada said...

I may have to post about this as well, because I swear, while the weird white-bread America names are baffling, the Mexican- and African-American counterparts are hysterical.