Monday, November 24, 2008

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I lost my job over the weekend, which threw most of my plans up in the air. Being at home during the day is strange and less than fulfilling, which I suspect will motivate me pretty strongly to get a new job soon. There are some silver linings, though, as there always are, that make the experience not wholly negative.

1. I can actually spend time on my worthwhile job (translating patents) and do a better job than I was before, when I had to keep looking over my shoulder at work. (That's not actually the reason I was let go, though it would sure seem that way from reading this.)

2. My younger brother is coming into town tomorrow for Thanksgiving, and now I don't have to take off work to pick him up.

3. The old job was a bad, bad situation for me, and now I have to find a new job. I'll be glad to find something that can not only further my career possibilities, but also not make me feel like a horrible person while I'm there. They asked me to get involved in some shady, weird things. Glad not to be there anymore.

4. Turns out I'm eligible for unemployment insurance. It's enough to keep me on my feet while I'm looking, but small enough that I'm still pretty motivated to find a new job soon.

In short, life is good, friends, even when it doesn't seem like it. Turns out they don't call me Optimistic. for nothing. Or something like that.


Katya said...

Um, congrats, I guess!

Marcene said...

Allen and I once hypothetically plotted to move to a new area, make new friends and then announce our engagement, get "married" and get more wedding gifts and monies. If you are ever in dire straits you have my permission to borrow said plan. I promise not to out you. I might even send a gift.

Lisa B. said...

Dang. But also, clearly, good. So good luck! I know you'll find something awesome.

LJ said...

1. Sorry, that rots.
2. Just kidding, it sounds like it truly doesn't rot.
3. Congratulations!
4. Good luck.