Monday, November 03, 2008

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Can you feel it?

Election Day is just around the corner, and for most of us, that brings a sense of relief that the seemingly endless campaign season is almost at an end. I'm excited, for one. I'm excited to hear about other news than who spoke where, or who said what gaffe, or anything else that really doesn't matter all that much. But that's not what all of the excitement is about. Nearly every poll recently has had Barack Obama in the lead lately, and that's something that no one could have seen a recently as a few months ago. Barring something gigantic and unforseen, he'll be our next president.

This is a really, really big deal. It means far more than it would if McCain were going to be our next president, all apologies to the Arizona senator. A President Obama means that we will witness a dramatic shift in the American culture. It means we'll have our first president who sends text messages. It means we'll have a president who knows what it means when you tell him, "Bones." It means we'll have a president who understands the culture and is a part of it. Dear readers, this will be the first president who can really be said to represent Generations X and Y. This will be the first president who really represents people like me.

Yes, this is a big deal. This is a coming of age moment for my generation. This is probably a defining moment for my generation, just as Bill Clinton's election was a defining moment for the baby boomers. And we can all say we were there. We made it happen. We believed. (Assuming you voted for him, of course.)

You can agree or disagree with the man's ideas. I'm not going to delude myself into thinking that everyone likes him. But no matter where you stand, you have to admit that after tomorrow, we could be looking at a very different America. And that's a thought that excites me, at least.


Lisa B. said...

I feel--truly--kind of like I felt as a kid, the night before Christmas. Unbearable anticipation.

DiaNe said...

I like this post! It is such a huge deal--and not because he's Black, but because he's the first politician we've ever seen to relate to us and bring about the change we want.

This is really exciting! See you tonight.

Amber said...

I'm part of the same generation, but I don't believe either of the major party candidates represents people like me, relates to me, or will bring about the changes I want. And in Obama's case, nothing about him other than his propaganda - certainly not his track record - indicates that he is someone who will bring about lasting, positive change.

I am, however, proud to live in a country where the people - all citizens of all walks of life - are able to elect our leaders. And I am happy to see so many people taking advantage of that blessing and taking pride in their convictions, whatever they may be. I want America to work. It's nice to see that happening.

Anonymous said...

I expect to read about your inevitable disillusionment in a few years. And you'll wonder how it could have happened.