Saturday, August 30, 2008

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Last night, as I was drifting off to sleep, I remarked to Genuine. that I missed high school - not the institution itself, or the classes, or the people, but the idea of it. That's strange, since I loathed my last year of high school, since I'd been uprooted and transplanted in Oregon for just one year. It wasn't pleasant. I just had a memory of listening to Sarah Slean, playing Mancala, and watching the rain hit my window and feeling terribly melancholy.

Anyhow, I certainly don't miss it after the dream I just had.

In the dream, I was coming back to high school after being absent for a month or so. All of my classmates knew I had been absent (I was at some other school, or something, for the month), but they couldn't understand that I didn't remember where any of my classes were, or even who taught them. I kept telling them I didn't know where I was going, but I lost them in the halls, and couldn't find my math class. I knew it was taught by a Mr. Armstrong, but I wasn't entirely certain on the name. The building was gigantic - sort of like an airport, but if it were done with the floors in tile and with classrooms everywhere instead of terminals and gates. I wandered around what I thought was the math wing but couldn't find my teacher, which made me angry and frustrated, because I knew if I showed up late, he would make me read from the packet even though I didn't have one. I just kept looking and looking and couldn't find the room and saw some punk kid loft his boom box into a different class and it was so frustrating. I tend to get lost a lot in my dreams.

Anyway, I never found the math class. I don't really miss high school anymore.


Marcene said...

I still have very vivid dreams involving a realization that I have not been attending a math class all semester and am over come with dread at the prospect at showing up to the class and being totally lost. My mom claims to still have similar dreams...for the love

the pope said...

I have dreams about high school all the time, which seems really weird. I also didn't enjoy high school, and I have been out of it far longer than I was ever in it. Maybe because it was such a traumatic time? I always dream that I am showing up late for orchestra (which I did all the time in orchestra) and I usually can't find my instrument, there is no room for me in my section, or I have been demoted from first chair (I played the bass, there wasn't a lot of competition) to last chair behind the freshman. Weird. Maybe you miss high school because you want to teach it, and it isn't working out.

H2 said...

i constantly have dreams where ,either, my grades are being posted and i'm not shocked at all to see that i have multiple low grades, or that i overslept and have missed something very inportant. usually relating to school