Tuesday, August 19, 2008

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A co-worker introduced me to a social networking site called Geni today. Essentially, you can create a family tree and connect all of your relatives. It's surprisingly fun. I spent a couple of hours today working on my own family tree, and many relatives are pitching in with information I wouldn't have known on my own. It's a real kick. You should take a look at it.

And if that's not your cup of tea, then you should go watch some more of the Olympics. Don't watch the TV coverage, though, unless you're looking to see athletes from the US and only the US. Go online if you want to watch things like water polo, equestrian, and archery. Man, that's where the excitement is. I love watching the Olympics for what it really is - a celebration of athletics and international brotherhood - rather than NBC's idea of an ultrapatriotic America-first bonanza. Visa has taken up a slogan of "Go World," which I've really liked. Let's see some more global friendship.

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Emily said...

Oh, thank you thank you for pointing out NBC's ridiculousness on this one. It makes us nuts whenever we do turn it on, because I want to scream at them. It defeats the whole point of the Olympics when you only talk about your own country's successes. It makes me so much happier when smaller countries have success stories, and celebrating the achievements of people who have overcome more to get to the Olympics makes more sense to me. We caught some track competition the other night and a woman from a middle eastern country was competing but had a head covering/long sleeve thing on to follow her country's dress code for women (when all the other competitors were in sports bra type deals). So we cheered for her the whole time. See, that's what's interesting to see in the Olympics.