Friday, June 20, 2008

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If pressed, I think the average person could correctly name five or six teams from the three major sports in America. For basketball, they might name teams like the Chicago Bulls, the Boston Celtics, or the L.A. Lakers. For football, they'd probably mention teams like the Miami Dolphins or the the Dallas Cowboys. And readers of this blog had better be able to name the Colorado Rockies as a baseball team. (Other examples include the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.) But here's a stumper for you: can you name any of the 17 Arena Football League teams? Here, I'll even give you the 17 locations they play in:

San Jose
Los Angeles
Grand Rapids
Kansas City
New York
New Orleans
Tampa Bay

Fame and glory go to anyone who can correctly name more than two of them. Honest, I couldn't, and I'm a pretty committed sports fan.


Giovanni Schwartz said...

I know the Rattlers and the Sabrecats... I think they're the sabrecats.

Eliza said...

I know the New Orleans Soul. Or, something about soul...

Austin said...

All I knew was the Rattlers. And there is little chance I'll ever know the other 16.

Thirdmango said...

Ha Ha! I know four! I can't believe I know four! All for different reasons actually.

It's not New Orleans Soul, it's Philadelphia Soul. I know that one because of the Real World and Bon Jovi owns the team. I know the Utah Blaze because of Utah. I know the Chicago Rush because a friend of mine is obsessed with the team and would always say the name very loud and excited. Rushhhhh! And lastly I know the Georgia Force because my entire mom's side of the family who are obsessed with sports live in Georgia. I've never actually seen a game all the way through.

Olympus said...

I can name some AF2 teams. Their secondary league. Haha.

H2 said...

arizona devils and the kansas city chiefs