Monday, June 09, 2008

(untitled 255)

Fun with names for groups of animals!!!!!

a bask of alligators
a shrewdness of apes
a congress of baboons
a possi of beetles
a kaleidoscope of butterflies
a wake of buzzards
a quiver of cobras
a siege of cranes
a piteousness of doves
a memory of elephants (also parade)
a business of ferrets
a froggery of frogs (I wish I was making this up)
a horde of gerbils (also hamsters)
a smack/smuck of jellyfish
a loveliness of ladybugs
a puddling of mallards
a mongaggle of mongeese
a parcel of penguins
an unkindness/nevermore of ravens
an ubiquity of sparrows
a lump of toads
a squirm of worms

(courtesy of Wikipedia)


Dan Cummings said...

Man, I need to learn more than just a "gaggle" of geese, which is probably wrong anyways...

Olympus said...

A wake of buzzards???

Oh man amazing.

Austin said...

Surely you kid, no?

LJ said...

A gaggle of geese is one that I like. But I think my favorite is "a business of ferrets."

H2 said...

my favorites are a 'lump of toads'. and a 'squirm of worms'.

Lisa B. said...

I have always figured this was just someone with clout in the "information" world, by which I mean the Lord of T-shirt and poster makers, or else possibly Mr. Wikipedia himself, who made this nonsense up. But a lump of toads has got to be actual hard, scientific fact, doesn't it? It just has to be.