Thursday, May 01, 2008

(untitled 246)

Genuine. and I are planning our upcoming trip to St. Louis (RADIOHEAD SHOW I AM SO EXCITED!!!), so we've been tinkering around with Expedia. When it came time to select our flights, it prompted us with something I didn't think needed to be asked. See if you can spot what I mean:

Seriously? People have problems with this?


Lisa B. said...

Did you see the Prince cover of Creep? At Coachella? Go to YouTube--it is transplendent.

Mr. Jimbles said...

Today I interviewed for a window-washing-type job. The interviewer was a guy named Vern, who, by virtue of his name, is probably in his 50s or 60s. Anyways, he asked me "Are you familiar with a screwdriver?" Apparently one guy answered "If you show me one, I'd probably recognize it" with no trace of irony.
He probably didn't know what a coupon is, either.