Friday, February 29, 2008

(untitled 228)

My co-worker presented a number problem to me today. I need to find seven unique digits arranged in an H-shape whose products are the same in each row or column.

I think I might go insane trying to figure this one out. I've been working on it and plugging in numbers like a crazy person. Gaah.


bawb said...

I found it. It actually came to me pretty quickly once I stopped furiously plugging in numbers and thought about the limitations. (Hint: factor each number 0-9.)

I wonder how many solutions there are for the triangle variant, where each row shares a digit with both of the others.

Curious Physics Minor said...

That was fun, thanks for the brain teaser. As bawb said, analyzing the factors is key.

the pope said...

I didn't read the word "products" and just thought it was the sum of. I came up with a solution for the sum in about 30 seconds. For the next 30 seconds I was excited about how smart I was (because I solved something that someone else couldn't) until I realized my mistake. doh.