Sunday, April 08, 2007

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Weird, weird dream last night/this morning, friends.

I'm never sure who reads this blog, so whenever I mention anything that has to do with LDS theology, I feel a need to explain it. I imagine most people know that young men in the LDS Church (specifically 19 year-olds) are asked to serve as missionaries for a two year period. Mission assignments are determined by revelation, so these young men can be assigned to go nearly anywhere in the world. I went to Japan for my mission. It was a wonderful experience, but no one warned me beforehand how intensely difficult and demanding it was going to be. I found out firsthand. Robert Poste and I used to joke about how we would probably refuse to serve a second mission if we were asked to.

On to the dream.

A companion from the mission (aside: LDS missionaries work in sets of two; said missionaries are referred to as "companions") came to talk to me. He was one of my Japanese companions, and said that he was heading back to Japan to serve a second mission. Admittedly, he was on his way out, but he was stopping by to see if I wanted in. "Why not," I thought to myself, and packed up a few white shirts and ties. Off we went to Japan.

After a couple of months of missionary work, I began to wonder about the logistics of my decision. I realized that I hadn't actually told anyone at home of my decision. I just threw some clothes in a duffel bag and jumped on a plane. All of my things were still in my apartment, too, and I only had a contract through August. I didn't know how the people moving into my apartment in May were going to deal with all of the things I'd left there. On top of that, I was quickly realizing that I wasn't especially enthusiastic about full-time missionary service anymore, to say nothing of the fact that I was far less than excited to serve for another 22 months.

How to get home, though? I hadn't really considered that, and I didn't have the money it was going to take to get back home. However, I quickly remembered that Genuine Draft was going to a foreign exchange school in Japan, so I decided to pay her a visit. (Of course she was in Japan. Why wouldn't she be?) I tagged around with her for a while, curious to hear what her Japanese sounded like, since I didn't remember her speaking any Japanese the whole time I knew her. I settled into one of her classes and sat down next to her, only to find that I was actually sitting next to Uffish Thought. Also, apparently the school was an American international school, so the whole class was conducted in English. I never got to hear either Genuine Draft or Uffish Thought speak any Japanese.

Clearly emblazoned in my mind when I awoke, however, was the thought, "What was I thinking? Why on earth would I want to serve a second mission?"

Dreams. What bizarre things we subject ourselves to every night.


ahem. said...

They're two different people!

Uffish Thought said...

Heh. Guess that one tim ein the kitchen really shook you up. Uffish, Genuine, Uffish, Genuine! We're anti-twins, not actual twins. I mean, come on!

And you never will hear me speak Japanese.

Flops said...

I am so glad that the mission is now four years behind me. And I am going to keep it that way.