Monday, April 24, 2006

post the sixty-eighth

Today has been a pretty good day, which is surprising, considering how it started off. I had a final today for my American pop culture class, which had me worried more than any of my other finals (and that's saying something, considering how tough my Soviet Russia exam was). I studied for a fair part of Saturday and most of this morning for it. I memorized countless names for my identification section; I now totally know who people like Robert Warshow and Larry Bennett are. (They wrote about gangster movies and the domestication of rock and roll, respectively, in case you were wondering.) The only thing is that most of the test was on parts of the class that I didn't study much for. I relied a lot on my natural knowledge of pop culture to get me through it, although there was a bit of residual echoic memory that helped me out. I think I did fairly well on it. I certainly hope that I did well on it, because I got a D+ on the midterm, and I'll really need an A to balance that out to have any hope of doing well in the class. Here's hoping.

Anyhow, I was walking out of the exam when my friend and I ran into Petra. That made my day just that much better. I was already excited about doing well on my exam, and seeing her just made things even better. I spent some time with her, and then I came home to bond with my roommates over a couple of games of Perfect Dark. And now I'm going to watch 24 with Angry Block.

It's been a good day. I think I may even have a shot at getting a job for the summer. Life is really good. I like it when days turn out like this. Listening to Sufjan Stevens just makes things that much better. Feel free to email me if you're interested in hearing a bit of it - the song "The Dress Looks Nice On You" is absolutely beautiful.


Squirrel Boy said...

Old Perfect Dark or the new one? If the new one, how is it? I quite enjoyed the old N64 game.

lanada said...

i took a class on american pop culture of the '50's and '60's my last semester and loved it. i'm actually listening to the cd from it right now, which seems an interesting coincidence to me.

now i miss my fellow humanities geeks.

also that sufjan stevens song is one of my favorites.

the pope said...

residual echoic memory? Whoa. That sounds like something from the Matrix (see how I slipped a little bit of pop culture in there? Eh, eh.)
Well, have fun this summer. Say hi to Angry Block. I miss you guys. P.S. is Spencer getting married yet?

lanada said...

why did i not notice the decemberists quote in your profile sooner than this very second? please tell me it's a recent addition and i'm not the most unobservant person alive. hoory for the mariner's revenge.