Sunday, August 25, 2013

#361, in which a few pictures are shared

I understand no one thinks your children are as cute and adorable as you do. That's okay. I don't even care if you don't think my baby is the sweetiest sweetie who ever sweeted like I do. I'm posting the pictures anyway. This is the baby, and we like her a lot.


Lisa B. said...

Um, that onesie is the BEST. Also, that baby is adorable. ADORABLE.

Jen said...

Every new baby is definitely the sweetest sweet that ever sweeted. Congrats again, kids. She's awesome.

(Also, Mila is firmly convinced that these pictures are HER sister. She keeps looking at them and saying, "Yay Margolas!" despite my attempt to get her to say, "Yay Edith!" Ah well.)

Sam Orme said...

Thanks, friends, although I'd like to point out that she's the "sweetiest sweetie," not "sweetest sweet." Splitting hairs, I know.