Sunday, June 16, 2013

#357, in which a father's day gift is presented

I made a crossword for my dad for Father's Day, because of course that's what I did. You're welcome to try it for yourself, but bear in mind that it's made for him, so if you don't know him, some of the clues may make less sense. (The title "What a Gas" should bring you back to speed, though.)

For those complaining that the embedded window is too small to be able to see the clues properly (it is, I know!), you can do the puzzle on the site itself here, or you can always just print out the puzzle here.

If you do the puzzle, I'd love your feedback so I can figure out if these are too difficult (or if you'd like the answers, or whatever). Also, I'd be interested to know who is actually doing these puzzles so I can decide if I should keep making them, or make more, or some other third option.

I graduate from the University of Oregon tomorrow. Still have to revise my master's thesis, but still, that's exciting.

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