Friday, December 02, 2011

(untitled 337)

More crossword stuff, I know.

I picked up the newspaper on Wednesday intending to solve the crossword. A few moments in, I realized that they had printed the clues for the Wednesday puzzle, but the grid from the Tuesday puzzle.

Like this:

I decided I wasn't beaten yet, though, and tried to recreate the grid based on the clues. And I did it!

I've never felt more satisfied after finishing a puzzle than I did with this. I might try Mondays and Tuesdays like this from now on the for extra challenge.


Katya said...

That is five kinds of awesome. (I may do that with the crossword puzzle next time I'm on a plane.)

Uffish Thought said...


I just did the Tuesday puzzle on my own for the first time I can remember, so I'm feeling pretty good about that. Maybe someday I'll get up to your level.

word verification today is "preimbl," by the way. Any relation to preamble, I wonder?