Tuesday, November 30, 2010

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Google does some really cool things, as you're probably aware. I've just recently started using Google Voice, which gives you a separate phone number you can use to send texts, screen calls, etc. (Check the site out for a full description of its features.)

The especially exciting thing that it does is transcribe voice mails for you and email them to you. I was really excited to try this out, so I had Genuine. give me a call today and leave me a message (regarding our trip to the Jazz game last night, which was way fun). Here's what it transcribed for me:

Hey Sugar low, mokin it's me I talked to Murray and then Audrey, we're gonna pick Marie end up at 5:30 and had to Salt Lake and then when we get there were gonna call Audrey, so we can meet up and I'll go in together. So that's the plan. Okay bye.

Clearly still some bugs to work out, but I almost think of this as a feature. I understood exactly what the message was about, plus I got some hilarious typos as a result. Everyone wins!


Tianna said...

BJ uses Google Voice transcription and it is hilarious. All the time. And sometimes vastly inappropriate. We definitely get a kick out of them.

Lisa B. said...

So beautiful. I need to get my Google Voice on, real bad.

DiaNe said...

you know who doesn't win? The monkeys chained to the basement transcribing calls.

Audrey said...

It got my name right at least- that's a start!