Thursday, December 03, 2009

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I've been fixated on achieving the Tim Tam Slam for some time now. The only snag is that it's surprisingly difficult to find Tim Tams here in the States, since they're Australian products. Undeterred, I found a somewhat reasonable substitute. Fudge Grahams, or whatever they're called. Fudge-covered graham crackers, anyway.

Turns out they make an adequate substitute. I advise all of you reading this to buy them and attempt the slam right now.

Also, be advised that it doesn't work if you just hold the cookie in the chocolate. The key is to get the chocolate inside the cookie, so it melts it from the inside. Mmm.


Ben said...

I told you online, but we recently found Tim Tams, sold by Pepperidge Farms, at our local SupraTarget.

Uffish Thought said...

I found something by the same name at Smiths.

I first learned the slam with Grasshopper, (the chocolate-covered mint cookie) and thus, I'm partial to that one.

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Lisa B. said...

Ben beat me to it--I have the last of the Tim Tams from Target on my kitchen table. As a side note, my missionary in Singapore was the one who turned me on to Tim Tams.

Laurie said...

The likelihood that I'm going to find TimTams in Show Low, AZ is like that one Far Side comic about a tourist walking into a clearing that contained Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster AND Jackie Onassis at the same time.

Ben, buy me some.

Also: Adam is going to die of happiness when I introduce this to him.

Jen said...

We found the Pepperidge Farms version at Safeway and in the week since have consumed five entire packages. I recommend not looking at the saturated fat content. Hoo boy.

Thin mints are also a good substitute. And I heard that you can use Twix as well, but I've never tried it.

Chris said...

oh the slamage. We'll have to be on the lookout here on the east coast now.