Thursday, July 03, 2008

(untitled 260)

Seriously, am I doing something wrong? I can't get a job in my dream field, sure, but I can't even get a job in my backup field? What gives?


Whistler said...

Personally, I'm horrible at selling myself. Other explanations: everyone is against you?

DiaNe said...

Sally and I, on the way up to the cabin sent all the right vibes to you, thinking about you and the intra-view. I'm sorry the world sucks.

LJ said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhh, I'm sorry. Here's a token of my esteem: *

(Don't spend that all in one place.)

Mr. Jimbles said...

Hey, hey, maybe it's because you skipped "untitled 260"!!!!

Yes, Mr. Greenspan, I would like to be your protege.

the pope said...

welcome to the real world, population: you. IT SUCKS, and everyone has been lying to you your whole life.

That is my answer. I don't know if your question was hypothetical, but I thought I would throw in some truth.