Monday, August 20, 2007

(untitled 180)

While driving back from taking Genuine and M-Lite the airport, I heard a report on NPR saying that Utah school districts are having problems hiring enough teachers to meet their needs for the coming year.

I offered a gesture of solidarity by proudly extending my middle finger at the radio.


Thirdmango said...

wow! That's five parts hilarious and fifteen parts aggravating! Stupid Utah school boards.

erin said...

Did you read the article in the paper a few weeks ago about the teacher that can't be hired either--and she found out they're hiring teachers from Mexico to fill in because they're cheaper. I think that is ridiculous. It's at this link if you're interested.

ChillyGator said...

I heard that too and very sincerely hoped you hadn't heard it. And then sort of laughed at the situation.

L'Afro said...


You blessed boy. I'll pray for your job hunt.