Wednesday, July 18, 2007

(untitled 175)

Yesterday's lyric: "Song 2," Blur, Blur

The contest is over, primarily due to Somewhat Human's clinching the victory, but also due to a general increase in apathy from the contestants. Well done, everyone. You've all competed nobly. You can see how you finished by checking the leaderboard in the sidebar on the blog. For those of you that read this blog via RSS feed, that means that you get to take a special trip to the blog itself. Congratulations.

As far as an update on my life goes, I'm increasingly convinced I'm never going to get a job.


Thirdmango said...

Yeah i could have gotten up to 32 points had I checked every day. Then I would have at least been second, but being tied with Mr. Poste is good too.

lanada said...

thirdmango, you would have been third, because i totally should have won this thing. a pox on work and school and life in general distracting me from important blog contests! a pox, i say!

good luck with the job hunt, yo.

L'Afro said...

Holy carp, I got four points! Bless those Giants, or I'd be in the negatives.

Mr. Jimbles said...

This is off topic, but you are currently an object of my wrath, and will become the lucky recipient of my fearsome "Whirlwind Fist."

flippin said...

Hey, hey now...let's none of us be poor sports, here. Especially you, clawhand. No fists.