Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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I did something really nerdy at work today, but I'm really proud of it. I created an all-star basketball team composed entirely of dead presidents. What's more, I even assigned them positions. (I considered assigning them numbers based on their number of vetoes, but Jackson had over 400, so I gave up on that idea.)

Here they are.


C Johnson, L
PG Lincoln, A
SG Jackson, A
PF Polk, J
SF Washington, G


G Ford, G
G Grant, U

C Jefferson, T
Roosevelt, T
F Coolidge, C

Coach Roosevelt, F


The Chalice of Evil said...

Wow. I must say that I am speechless. That is quite amazing. :)

Yellow said...

I salute you.

bismark said...

some day when i am rich enough, i will purchase a basketball team of monkeys. it will be so sweet. we can have an exhibition game for charity if you would like.

Saule Cogneur said...

You put Polk at power forward rather than Teddy R.? They are both rather short, but I would have thought Roosevelt to be a lot tougher.

Genuine Draft said...

It saddens me that Coolidge is only a reserve.

Meredith said...

This was the ticket that put me in a good mood starting early in the day. thanks for that.

RaMina said...

you=adorably dorky.

Melyngoch said...

I can't believe Taft doesn't get to play.

flippin said...

I kinda agree that Taft should be the GM or the owner or something. Or maybe Nixon should be the owner, in keeping with the Mark Cuban paradigm.

Olympus said...

That's what you were talking about.......hahahhahahahahhahahahahhahhaha......Nerdy it is. :D

the pope said...

I am not going to comment on your team roster because I don't even know what a lot of those letters mean (except for the letters that make up the presidents names). Instead I am going to comment on the fact that you HAD time enough to make up a basketball roster of former presidents. If this is any indication of what REAL history teachers do with their time, I had hardly tapped into the frivolity of public high school when I was in school. This isn't a commentary on your or your future profession (I promise) but the fact that so much time is wasted in high school. I swear if kids stopped interrupting teachers and caring so much about their social lives, I could have gotten through high school in two years with only half-days. It wasn't until I got to college that I fully realized the amount of time that is wasted in public school. My conclusion is that because teenagers are morons, their teachers have time to make fantasy basketball rosters of men who lived before basketball had even been invented. I shall now end with the pretentiously minded "cheers."