Tuesday, November 28, 2006

(untitled 119)

Since it looks unlikely McSweeney's will publish it, I'll go ahead and post this list I wrote for them here. Enjoy.

Increasingly Improbable Names for a Small British Village
  • Chussex
  • Scriveningdale
  • Dumblingshire
  • Slatherington
  • Swarmingborough
  • Gagglington
  • Bickeringshire
  • Chimpingmouth
  • Crampingwood
  • Porkham


Anonymous said...

My New Foods got rejected too, so I guess we ought to submit the candidates' last names vs. Star Trek characters list.

Flops said...

I voted for Baar Topinka!

Nocturne said...

I think Gagglington is a perfectly good name. Actually, I think I'll name my large estate Gagglington.

Tolkien Boy said...

Personally, Maidenhead is my favorite English city name.

Because...I mean...gosh, if you live in Maidenhead...

Melyngoch said...

You forget Kinkissex.